Romania: Natural gas suppliers from now on included in AFEER

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The General Assembly of AFEER members recently approved the amendment of the Statute of the Association. The new approved name is the Association of Energy Suppliers of Romania (AFER). After being the association of electricity suppliers for more than 13 years, AFEER has decided to expand its activity and now includes natural gas suppliers as well.

AFER President Ion Lungu said that this is really an important step for the development of the association, as it sets out to expand and establish itself as a strong, competent and unitary voice of the industry it represents. Therefore, he invited natural gas suppliers and traders to join the association, to join fellow electricity suppliers and traders. AFER’s commitment is to develop a healthy energy market, a transparent business environment and ensure accurate consumer information. It will continue the campaign, initiated in 2015, for a correct information of the consumers, especially of the domestic ones and for the protection of their interests.

He explained that a transitional period follows, of organizing the Association, respectively attracting new members among the natural gas suppliers and traders. Reputable law or consulting companies, specialized in services dedicated to the energy sector, can register as observer members, and prominent personalities in the field can have the quality of honorary members.

By the end of next year, the management of the association will be provided by a President and 2 Vice-Presidents and a responsible person for the development of each new activity will be elected from among the members of the Board of Directors. AFEER currently has 36 members, with a market share of around 90 % of final electricity consumption.