Romania: Network modernization and digitalization investment of E-Distributie Banat

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Last year, Romanian electricity distributor E-Distributie Banat, part of the Enel Group, invested 26 million euros in digitalization and the modernization of electricity equipment and networks in Arad, Timis, Caras-Severin and Hunedoara counties.

The investments in high-voltage networks and equipment amounted to over 4 million euros in 2020 and were aimed to modernize the Muzicescu substation in Timisoara, as well as the Chisineu Cris, Simeria, IRUM substations and the refurbishment of the Orastie substation (Hunedoara). As far as the medium- and low-voltage networks are concerned, the investments amounted to about 10 million euros and included several projects.

General Manager of the three distributors within Enel Group Gino Celentano said that the company continued last year to allocate significant amounts for projects aimed at reducing the duration of outages and expanding the network’s capacity to supply new consumers. An important component of these investments is the digitalization process. In 2020 alone, the distribution company installed smart meters for about 50,000 customers in the four aforementioned counties.

In total, the three Romanian distribution companies within Enel group installed over 170,000 smart meters in 2020, in the areas where they operate, by investing around 11.5 million euros.