Romania: New feed-in tariffs scheme in preparation

, SEE Energy News

The system of subsidiaries for small-scale renewable energy projects was given the green light by the European Commission and the final Government approval is expected, said Nicuale Havrilet, Chairman of the National Regulatory Agency ANRE.

“We expect talks with the Government, if they want to implement the new scheme of feed-in tariffs for the investors in projects related to renewable energy resources. The European Commission agreed, but who establishes an efficient collection, a real implementation of the payment of feed-in tariffs? Only Government can approve this”, said Havrilet.

He added that the producers from biomass and biogas, for the facilities with the capacity of up to 2 megawatts, would obtain a cogeneration bonus. This provision will come into force in the second half of the year.

Havrilet said that there was a possibility of extending the natural gas market liberalization by 2020, if there should be great differences between the regulated and competitive gas prices. However, in all probability, the process will be finished in 2018 after all, considering that, for now, there are no foreseeable increases of prices on the free market.

“I believe that the price will drop when we get the gas from the Black Sea”, said Havrilet.

For 2015, ANRE and the Romanian Government will suggest that the gas price should be increased to 13 euros per megawatt, and that it should stay at this level by 1st April the following year.