Romania: No lower prices during gas market liberalization

, SEE Energy News

On 1 July 2020 the total liberalization of the gas market took place. This should have brought lower gas bills for residential consumers this winter. However, only 10 % of the households have changed the supplier for a lower price, while for the remaining 90 % the bills will be as high as they were last winter.

Retail prices have not changed despite the fact that the price of one MWh has halved on the exchanges, compared to last year’s similar period.

According to the data by the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), out of the 3,378,794 residential customers regulated on 30 June 2020, a total of 395,336 household customers concluded, between 1 July and 31 October, a contract related to the supply of natural gas on the free market, with the current supplier or with a new supplier.