Romania: NPP Cernavoda imports uranium from Canada

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For the first time in 20 years of nuclear power plant Cernavoda operation, Romania will import uranium from abroad.

According to the CEO of Nuclearelectrica, the company that operates NPP Cernavoda, Daniela Lulache the price offered by the National Uranium Company for the metal mined in Romania is much higher than the price from the import. Therefore, the company decided to import 120 tons of uranium, needed for the plant’s operation in the next six months, from Canada which cost about 11.3 million euros.

Nuclearelectrica also argues that National Uranium Company has failed to deliver the agreed quantities of nuclear fuel in due time. The price of domestically produced uranium was about 177 euros per kilo last year, which is almost double than the price on the international market.

Daniela Lulache said that Nuclearelectrica previously bought uranium from the National Uranium Company because it was the only local supplier, but they failed to meet the contract obligations. She added that nuclear fuel currently in stock is enough to cover about four months of NPP Cernavoda operation, transmits