Romania: “Nuclearelectrica” sold 827,000 MWh

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Romanian nuclear power plant “Nuclearelectrica” sold 827 thousand megawatt-hours of electricity to the company “Electrica” at a cost of 40 EUR per megawatt-hour for a daily rate, or 26 EUR for the night tariff, shows the report of the stock exchange in Bucharest.

Prices are specified in the contract annex signed between the two companies, which were approved by a regulatory agency ANRE, by the approval decision on the electricity amount that will be sold at regulated prices and delivered during 2015th.

The guarantees are not provided for this contract. “Electrica” will pay the contracted electricity amounts within ten working days of the invoice issuance, with a grace period of 15 days. In the case of “Electrica” does not fulfil its obligations, the interest rate set for delay in the payment of the obligation to the state budget will be applied for each day of delay.

In the report states that the company “Electrica”, on December 22nd, has receivables in the amount of 2.792.000 EUR and no debts.