Romania, NuScale Power to build modular nuclear reactors in Romania

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According to a press release from the White House, the United States and Romania, in cooperation with NuScale Power, are planning to build a small modular reactor plant in Romania.

The statement reads that a first-of-a-kind small modular reactor (SMR) plant will be built in Romania in partnership with NuScale Power. The agreement includes a six-module NuScale plant, with a potential to create up to 30,000 jobs in the US and Romania.

In 2019, Romanian electricity producer Nuclearelectrica, the company that operates Romania’s sole nuclear power plant Cernavoda, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with US company NuScale Power to explore potential uses of small modular reactors (SMR) in Romania.

The statement from the company said that the agreement aims to evaluate the development, licensing and construction of a NuScale SMR for a potential similar long-term solution in Romania. CEO of NuScale Power John Hopkins said that the company looks forward to showcasing its safe, scalable and reliable nuclear technology, and collaborating with Nuclearelectrica to determine what role NuScale’s technology can play in Romania’s energy future.

NuScale Power is developing a new modular light water reactor to supply reliable and abundant carbon-free nuclear energy. Its SMR design features a fully fabricated NuScale Power Module capable of generating 60 MW of electricity using a EN safer, smaller, scalable version of pressurized water reactor technology.

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