Romania: Oil Terminal payout of dividends for 2019

, SEE Energy News

The shareholders of Oil Terminal, a company which operates the oil terminal in Constanta port, approved the payout of dividends for 2019 in the amount of some 230,000 euros, representing 50 % of the company’s profit in 2019. Gross dividend per share amounts to 0.039 eurocents per share.

Oil Terminal recorded a net profit of some 500,000 euros in 2019, which is almost nine times higher compared to the previous year due to an increase in revenues from the provision of services of 15.5 %.

Oil Terminal has a storage capacity of about 1.5 million cubic meters and is the largest operator at sea in the port of Constanta, specialized in the handling of crude oil, petroleum products, liquid petrochemicals and other finished products or liquid raw materials for import, export and transit. Ministry of Energy is the largest shareholder in Oil Terminal Constanta, in which it owns 59.62 % of the shares.