Romania: Oltenia cancels contract of coal delivery to Serbia power utility EPS

, SEE Energy News

Oltenia Energy Complex stopped deliveries of coal to Serbia power utility EPS TPPs since about two months.
As a result, export contract has been terminated, confirmed Director of the Energy Division, Aurel Medintu to local media.

Currently, the company runs the contractual guarantee. Medintu explained that reason for termination is that the EPS did not have the ability takeover contracted amounts.

Contract was terminated due to lack of capacity of the buyer to take over the coal. We canceled the contract and we are in execution phase of performance guarantees. I do not know the exact amount, because it is a situation that is managed by Mining Division explained Medintu.

If there will be new demands for delivery of coal to Serbia company Oltenia will develop a new procedure and new type of agreement. , transmits

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