Romania: OPCOM electricity prices on DAM on decrease

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DAM electricity market in Romania administered by power exchange OPCOM recorded a price decrease for the electricity traded last week.

The average price for electricity traded last week on the Day Ahead Market (DAM), administered by OPCOM was 176.44 lei / MWh (equivalent to 38.93 euro / MWh). Thus, there has been a decrease of 5.62% over the average price for (186.95 lei / MWh).

The total volume of energy traded last week was 78499.6 MWh. The total value of traded energy for February 3 was 14,274,785.79 lei (3,149,803.86 euros), rising by 0.60% compared to the previous day.

The share of net consumption forecasted transactions PZU is 46 86. A total of 222 operators have been active in this market. The average volume traded was 3270.8 MWh / h, increasing by 4.88% compared to that recorded yesterday, transmits

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