Romania, Operation of TPP Paroseni reduced to few days per week due to lack of coal

, SEE Energy News

The operating schedule of coal-fired thermal power plant Paroseni, operated by insolvent Energy Complex (EC) Hundeoara, was reduced to a few days a week. The coal phase-out program provides a generous deadline (2032) for the closure of the mines and the construction of new gas-fired units.

Special Administrator at EC Hunedoara Cristian Rosu said that a coal phase-out program agreed with the Ministry of Energy, which runs until 2032, ensures the operation of coalmines in the Jiu Valley. By 2032, several gas-fired units will be built at Paroseni, when the exploitation of coal from the mines in the Jiu Valley will cease.

However, TPP Paroseni units already operate at less than half of capacity. The plant does not operate with imported coal, but only with locally extracted coal. At the moment, due to the old and outdated equipment, the amount of coal needed for the operation of TPP Paroseni is insufficient. With the extraction of some 1,000 tons per day, TPP Paroseni can operate only for two or three days per week. In most cases in starts operation on Wednesdays and stops on Fridays.

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