Romania: Over 50 % of country’s electricity generation provided by Hidroelectrica

, SEE Energy News

Hidroelectrica provided more than half of the country’s electricity production on 22 June, mostly due to heavy rain in recent days, as well as the shutdown of unit 1 of nuclear power plant Cernavoda. Hidroelectrica, usually covers about 25 to 30 % of Romania’s daily electricity generation.

According to electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica, hydropower provided the majority of electricity production with 3,348 MW on Monday morning. It was followed by gas-fired power plants with 922 MW or 14.8 %, coal-fired with 901 MW or 14.4 %, NPP Cernavoda with 695 MW or 11.7 %, solar power plants with 299 MW or 4.8 %, biomass power plants with 36 MW or 0.5 % and finally wind farms with just 23 MW or 0.3 %.

At the same time, national electricity consumption stood at 6,803 MW, and since the total electricity production was 6,245 MW, the difference of 558 MW was covered by imports.