Romania: Power utilities support full gas market liberalization

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Federation of utilities in energy (ACUE) believes that maintaining the wholesale prices for domestically produced gas and the regulated price for industrial consumers was an economic decision. Otherwise, it would be “aggravated problems of commercial companies and industry” by “final most significant price increases “and “would be seriously affected approximately 170,000 Romanian companies which have annual gas consumption of about 20 TWh” says representatives ACUE.
The Association points out that such a measure must be supplemented by other decisions of primary and secondary legislation to encourage the competitiveness of the Romanian economy. “Among them, the need to develop a centralized wholesale markets liquid, able to deliver products and provide conditions that meet customer expectations and the market To all instruments necessary to develop alternative proposals. ” , opines representatives ACUE the release.
ACUE make some suggestions for avoiding a hasty deregulation process. ACUE supports “the publication of a bill to implement a timetable for deregulation bearable, allowing a smooth transition and developed market consumers to a negotiated at the earliest by April 2016.
During this period, along with the development of the free market and related tools will be necessary for the continued existence of regulated prices affected consumer categories in order to reflect a fair price of domestic gas production and imported gas volumes required to be allocated the costs in an objective and balanced. ”
Public communication becomes an important component suppliers, distributors and consumers and the Federation”argues for deregulation process is accompanied by an information campaign that would help consumers understand their rights and the steps to follow.”
Established in May 2012, ACUE Federation has about 25 members, including E.ON Romania, GDF SUEZ Energy Romania, South DISTRIGAZ Networks ENEL Romania, CEZ Romania, Electrica, Electrica, CONGAZ, WIEE, WIROM GAS, employing a total of over 20,000 employees and have an annual turnover estimated at over 4 billion.