Romania provided emergency energy deliveries to Ukraine in August and September

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Romania provided emergency energy deliveries to Ukraine in August and September, aiming to balance the tension in the interconnected network of continental Europe.

Ukraine and Moldova were integrated into the European electricity market shortly after Russia’s invasion. Voltage oscillations were recently detected in the grid interconnection in the east- west direction, and Spanish transmission system operator requested that Ukraine, according to the emergency interconnection procedures, reduce the export balance to 0 MW.

As a result, Romanian electr5icity transmission system operator Transelectrica had to send its Ukrainian counterpart Ukrenergo 3,725 MWh of electricity, for which Ukraine paid around 1.95 million euros at an average price of 523 euros/ MWh during August and September. At the same time, the average day-ahead market price at the Romanian OPCOM exchange was 486 euros/MWh and 376 euros/MWh, respectively.

Romania is also granting emergency energy aid to Moldova at prices between 190 and 348 euros/ MWh. Ukraine had to stop delivering electricity to Moldova due to Russian attacks on its energy infrastructure.

The national energy systems of Ukraine and Moldova have been operating since 16 March in synchronization with those in continental Europe, managed by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E).