Romania: Reduced electricity transmission fee

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The National Energy Regulatory Author (ANRE) approved the new average tariff for the transmission service, the components of the transmission tariff for the introduction of electricity into the network, and tariffs for the system service and the regulated price for reactive electricity used by the company, announced Romanian electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica.

Thus, the tariff for system services decreased, starting with July, by 2.96 %, after the component for functional system services increased by 35 %, to 0.51 euros/MWh and the component for technological system services, with a higher share, decreased by 8.3 %, to 2.47 euros/MWh.

The statement from Transelectrica said that the increase of the tariff for the regulated activity was determined mainly by the completion in 2020 of a significant investment consisting in the modernization of the dispatching infrastructure of the national electricity system, as well as the recovery of some costs from previous years. The decrease of the tariff for the regulated activity was determined by the completion of the process of recovery by tariff of the losses registered in the previous years as well as by lower forecasted costs determined by the reduction of the volumes of services to be acquired in the current tariff period.