Romania: Regional stock exchange does not affect the electricity price for now

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According to the suppliers, after two months of regional electricity market, there was no significant price fluctuation on the domestic market.

Active energy traders believe that trading on the regional stock exchanges led to lower prices on the SPOT market during December. Most operators consider that the effects have come from the region and that local prices have traditionally fallen during December due to the holiday season, when most companies did not work, and accordingly, recorded a lower consumption.
Ion Lungu, the president of the Association of electricity suppliers in Romania, said that there still was no market impact of regional transactions, considering that the price on the SPOT market fell in December, due to the behavior of the domestic electricity consumers. “In the region, the market is relatively the same in the last two months”, said Lungu.

According to the OPCOM report, the average SPOT market price in December was 9 percent lower than in November and amounted to 40 EUR per megawatt-hour. The average price during the previous year is 34 EUR per megawatt-hour, which is nearly 2 percent less than in 2013th.
The establishment of regional energy stock exchange by Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is based on the assumption that these four countries have a unique electricity price, by which trade on the SPOT market. Regional stock exchange began its work on November 19th.

Each of the four countries holds their own SPOT market and realizes transaction depending on the available transmission capacity between countries.

The crisis has significantly reduced the difference in price between the four countries, according to traders, and Romanian authorities do not expect significant variations in the amount of electricity traded in the country.