Romania: Reliable power producer Oltenia vs RES producers

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There is a silent harsh competition between coal and RES producers in Romania. RES producers seek increase of market share and subsidies which are endangering Romania energy complexes like Oltenia, stated Lawrence Ciurel CEO of Oltenia Energy Complex.

Irrational fast forward development of RES market continues in 2015. Wind energy creates big problems in the production system creating gaps of many needed MW for balancing explained Oltenia CEO.

He stressed that if this massive RES production continues Romania may have problems with supply in several months. After current normal summer comes a normal winter the Romanian energy system will face major problem with supply.

Oltenia CEO messaged on the energy conference that all producers of electricity should operate in normal equal market terms. He explained that Oltenia in three months will go with full capacity and explained that stopping such a big system because of RES electricity, is expensive and cant be stopped within 24h due to the big fluctuations in the energy system.

If the drought continues on the Danube river and streams go below 2000 meters per sec then the Cernavoda must be stopped due to the lack of cooling water. Such dependency on the weather is costly and disturbing for Romania which needs better electricity security framework. Oltenia CEO added that realistic connection capacity of Romania is 110000MW. , transmits

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