Romania: Repairs tender for HPP Iron Gates I launched by Hidroelectrica

, SEE Energy News

Located downstream of the dam, the dissipator at the HPP Iron Gates I is a particularly important part of the construction in terms of the safety of the Danube objective. Hidroelectrica launched a tender for the works on the repair of the dissipator at the Iron Gates I HPP.

The contract worth is estimated to 12 million euros and world should be completed within three years from the signing of the contract. The deadline for the submission of bids is 7 December.

From a technical point of view, the realization of the project is indispensable in preventing the risk of additional damage of the dissipator spur, with implications in affecting the gallery system of the overflow dam.

Hidroelectrica’s CEO Bogdan Badea said that the Danube riverbed has undergone morphological changes in certain areas, as shown by measurements made over time. The need to repair the constructions, which have been in operation for over 48 years, was established by the Romanian-Serbian joint commission. The parties decided that the project should be carried out by each company (Hidroelectrica and EPS) on its area of responsibility.