Romania, RES producers demand abolition of overtaxation and suspension of green certificates

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The Romanian Association for Wind Energy (RWEA), the Romanian Organization of Renewable Energy Producers (PATRES) and the Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association (RPIA) are asking the authorities to waive both the 80 % overtaxation measure of producers’ income as well as the suspension of green certificates for a period of one year, in order not to jeopardize the production of renewable energy in the country.

In the joint press release, the associations requested from the Romanian Government to elaborate and approve, as a matter of urgency, the formula for calculating the 80 % tax to be applied to the income resulting from the deduction of energy purchase expenses by regularizing the entire period (November 2021 – March 2022), taking into account of the real costs in the energy market.

Representatives of RWEA, PATRES, RPIA, together with WindEurope and SolarPower Europe, notified the authorities in Bucharest and Brussels of the impact that the two measures have on Romania’s energy security and electricity prices, in the context of the cost of energy. from renewable sources it is the lowest compared to other energy sources.

RWEA Vice President Adrian Borotea said that, given the current situation on the Romanian border, these measures will seriously affect Romania’s energy security, undermining investments in sources of production that do not depend on fossil fuels, investments that are urgently needed. It is unacceptable for producers in the renewables sector, who have invested more than 10 billion euros in the Romanian economy, through an unstable and unpredictable legislative framework, to be permanently sanctioned for the increase in electricity prices.