Romania: RES producers got 376MEUR in 2014 from sale of green certificates

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Wholesale price of electricity in Romania could increase by 50% if the contribution of renewable energy should be removed from the mix of production, stated Vice President of National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE), Emil Cap.

“Simulations that we do in the Authority’s electricity market modeling of Romania, based on the energy mix that we have at the moment all components show a very interesting thing: if tomorrow we remove the mix of market production renewables electricity wholesale, wholesale electricity prices in Romania would increase by 50%, “said Emil Calotă.

According to him, the simulations show that by removing ANRE renewable energy that contributes to the energy market 10 TWh electricity, wholesale price of MWh would increase from 40 euros to 60 euros.”On the other hand, when this final consumer pays about 7.93EUR per MWh impact green certificate, which is 8 euro.

If we compare 8 euros to 20 euros, again, in the wholesale electricity market, we find that maintaining this sector is clearly favorable, economically speaking, “said Emil Cap. Producers of renewable energy have received last year from the sale green certificates about 376 million euros, which maintained the upward trend of impact in consumer bill, according to a report last year by the Competition Council.

The impact of green certificates to the final consumer bill in 2013 was 40 , 04 lei / MWh (8.92 euro / MWh), while the average price of electricity supply on the regulated market established by ANRE, in 2013, was of 35.14EUR / MWh ‘,