Romania: RES subsidies scheme ends in 2016

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Secretary of state at the Ministry of Energy Corina Popescu said that Romania will have to adopt new targets for renewable energy due to the fact that current green certificates support scheme will be suspended at the end of 2016. She also pointed out that the Ministry of Energy does not intend to impose new kind of RES support scheme in 2017.

The Ministry did not establish a minimum price of green certificates either, although several companies from the renewable energy sector proposed that the minimal price should be 20 euros per certificate. However, the Government considers that the price of 27 euros (the same price was set back in 2011) would be more acceptable.

Although the data from electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica do not show the decrease because it is impossible to differentiate whether these are the capacities that ended their service cycle or are simply being outsourced, the renewable energy production capacities in Romania have decreased by 9.5 % since the beginning of the year.

If this is taken into account, the total installed renewable energy capacity stood at 4,653 MW at the end of April 2016. On the other hand, the installed capacity at the end of 2015 stood at 5,142 MW, which means that it dropped by 489 MW in four months.

2,932 MW was accounted for wind farms, 1,305 MW for solar power plants, 313 MW for small hydropower plants and 103 MW for biomass projects. The biggest drop (272 MW) was registered regarding the small hydropower plants, followed by 197 MW drop in wind farms, while solar power plants capacity dropped by 20 MW, transmits