Romania: Restructuring of energy complex Hunedoara

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The restructuring plan of the energy complex Hunedoara will include dismissal of employees with compensation, said Energy Minister Andrei Gere.

Asked whether the restructuring plan, at which new management works, requires a collective dismissal, the minister said that the plan stressed the need for such an approach, although it was not something he wanted.

When it comes to the complex division of Hunedoara, the Minister said that the solution proposed by the European Commission provided defense of CO2 certificate to state.

“If we do not realize this payment, Romania will pay 11 MEUR more for certificates. The only way to give money, and that Romania does not enter the misdemeanor procedure and found in an unfavorable position in other joint projects with the European Union – I here specifically address to the European funds – is that comes to the bureaucratic process of division”, explained Gere.

He added that there will be parallel work on the project restructuring, in order to complete it in September. If the program offers viable solutions for complex, the process of division will not be required.

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