Romania, RFP-TEL control block was successfully connected to the IGCC

, SEE Energy News

Romanian electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica announced that on 17 December, the RFP-TEL control block was successfully connected to the European platform International Grid Control Cooperation (IGCC).

IGCC is the project chosen by ENTSO-E for the process of compensating for imbalances. The IGCC platform is a way to optimize the secondary frequency-switching power regulation by reducing the counter-actions of member operators’ regulators, resulting in an optimized use of the BRS – Secondary Adjustment Band (old name) or aRRF system reserve. Frequency Recovery Reserve with automatic activation (new name), at cooperation level.

The IGCC platform currently consists of 27 transmission system operators (TSOs), of which 22 have operational membership status – ADMIE (Greece), APG (Austria), Transelectrica (Romania), Elia (Belgium), Swissgrid (Switzerland), CEPS (Czech Republic), 50Hz (Germany), Amprion (Germany), TenneT DE (Germany), TransnetBW (Germany), Energinet (Denmark), RTE (France), HOPS (Croatia), MAVIR (Hungary), Terna (Italy), CREOS (Luxembourg), TenneT NL (Netherlands), PSE (Poland), REN (Portugal), ELES (SIovenia), REE (Spain), SEPS (Slovakia), while two TSOs have non-operational status – ESO (Bulgaria) and EMS (Serbia) and three TSOs as observer members – NOS BIH (Bosnia and Herzegovina), CGES (Montenegro) and MEPSO (North Macedonia).