Romania, Romanian households would pay the same electricity prices as they paid last winter

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Romanian Minister of Energy Virgil Popescz said that, during the upcoming winter season, the Romanian households would pay the same
electricity prices as they paid last winter – 14.3 euros per 100 kWh.

He promised the same regarding the natural gas prices. However, he did not specify any details how the Government is planning to achieve this. At this moment, there is only one supplier that promises households to sell electricity over the winter period at a price lower than 14.3 euros per 100 kWh – Hidroelectrica with the offer of 13.7 euros.

Minister Popescu said that this would be possible after the Government passes the measures to compensate and cap the price of electricity and natural gas, in order to help the households during the winter season.

Earlier this month, the Government adopted an emergency ordinance on regulating the budgetary measures and establishing the compensation scheme for electricity and natural gas consumption for the 2021-2022 winter season.

About 13 million Romanian citizens will benefit from the compensation of electricity bills, so that they do not feel the increase in prices. Residential customers whose total electricity consumption is between 150 kWh and 1,000 kWh will benefit from a fixed amount compensation of 0.042 euros/kWh related to this electricity consumption. The reference price taken into account for active energy is 0.14 euros/kWh and includes regulated tariffs and VAT. Similar solutions are in place for natural gas consumers. The compensation granted by the state will be 25 % of the value of the gas consumption bill, if the total consumption related to it is between 80 and 960 cubic meters.
The measures will be applied between 1 November 2021 and 31 March 2022.