Romania, Simtel Team said that it is planning to build a solar project

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Romanian engineering company Simtel Team said that it is planning to build a solar project wit total installed capacity of 8 to 10 MW in Ianca in Braila county.

The company said that after the development of the project and obtaining all the necessary permits, the market value of the ready-to-build project will be some 500,000 euros. After the turnkey construction, the estimated value of the project will be 6 million euros.

In October, the company said that it has reached an agreement on the purchase of 84 hectares of land in Giurgiu, where it plans to build a large-scale solar power plant. It estimates that all the necessary permits will be obtained in the second half of 2022, when it will decide whether to sell the project, build it for another operator, or build it for itself.

The price of the bought land is around 800,000 euros. The planned installed capacity is between 40 and 60 MW, which would make it one of the biggest solar power plants in Romania. According to market estimates, a MW of installed capacity of ready to build solar project goes around 60,000 euros, so the value of the project is between 2.4 and 3.6 million euros.