Romania: Since entrance in the country’s market, MOL Romania invested 170 million euro

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Since its entrance in the market in 1995, The Romanian subsidiary of Hungarian oil and gas company MOL has invested some 170 million euros in operations in Romania, the company announced.

The statement from the company said that the investments were mainly directed towards the company’s organic growth, expansion of the retail network and improvements of the logistics system.

MOL Romania’s medium- and long-term development strategy is focused on three main pillars, in line with the strategy of its parent group: digitalization, development and diversification. The company also plans to further develop its logistics system and network of stations nationwide, while diversifying the products and services in its portfolio.

MOL entered the Romanian market in 1995 and currently operates a network of 234 petrol stations, two fuel depots in Giurgiu and Tileagd, an LPG terminal in Tileagd, two divisions of lubricants and petrochemicals as well as an extensive portfolio of products and services dedicated to individuals and companies.