Romania: State electricity producers accuse energy watchdog to support power traders in electricity export deals

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Hidroelectrica, biggest electricity producer in Romania, administrator complained on the energy regulator ANRE for their decision to ban the direct electricity exports for state owned power generation companies.

State-owned power producers lose tens of millions of euros every year because of limitations on the export of electricity , Remus Borza said, the Euro Insol insolvency administrator of Hidroelectrica company.

“In 2012, I switched off” power traders, denouncing bilateral contracts because the Romanian state through an abusive interpretation of officials in ANRE, gave the traders the monopoly of export of cheap Hidroelectrica electricity, namely energy export monopoly.

In 2014 Romania achieved an export of 8.7 TWh, and in 2015 exported over 10 TWh. If we put a margine of 2-3 euro for each exported Mwh that every year energy producers like Nuclearelectrica, Hidroelectrica or Oltenia Energy Complex produced and contracted to traders, the state lost tens of millions of euros every year, money which instead into pockets Romanian state companies have entered into the same traders pockets ” , Remus Borza said.

“We sued ANRE because of this law interpretation to ban exports for state electricity producers. Nowhere in the text of the Law 123/2012 legislature did not use the phrase OPCOM, namely ANRE imposed opinion that state producers can only sell electricity thru OPCOM power exchange. ANRE created obligation for all energy producers to offer the whole amount of energy on OPCOM or any other PX in EU market.

Amid this problem, President ANRE, Niculae Havrileţ, added that the law is indeed sufficiently clear, but the law refers indirectly to OPCOM as the place for state producers to offer their electricity for sale, transmits

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