Romania, Tender procedure for the sale of coal-fired TPP Mintia will be launched this year

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The tender procedure for the sale of coal-fired thermal power plant Mintia, which is part of insolvent Energy Complex (EC) Hunedoara, will be launched this year.

This will be the main topic of upcoming meeting between the Ministry of Energy and the legal administrators of EC Huneadoara.

EC Hunedoara is preparing for the division and the establishment of a new company, of which TPP Mintia will no longer be a part of. Along with this process, the legal administrator of the insolvent EC Hunedoara will also start the procedures for the sale of TPP Minitia.

According to the administration, the inventory value of the TPP exceeds 61 million euros, but the sale price is to be determined after next week’s talks.

Romanian Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu said earlier that seven potential investors have so far expressed interest in buying the coal-fired thermal power plant Mintia thermal power plant with combined installed capacity of 1.285 MW. Among the investors is a consortium from South Korea, formed by AKEDA, Hyunday-Power Systems and BKB, whose representatives visited the plant earlier this month. CEO of BKB Siwoo Chung said that the consortium plans to build a 1,000 MW combined cycle gas-fired power plant, a project which they estimate at about 1.3 billion dollars, adding that a 110 MW solar power plant would also be built.

Among the other companies interested in buying TPP Mintia there is local GSP Power, the Romanian subsidiary of Moldovan Turboenergy Power, local company Optimus-Rredac, as well as two large companies from South Korea and Israel.

Coal-fired thermal power plant Mintia ceased operations in March last year due to a lack of coal, and all 700 employees were laid off collectively in August, receiving compensatory payments of 10,000 euros each.