Romania: The alarming situation, the deadlock in trade green certificates

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For the third time in succession, for a period of three months, on the centralized market for green certificates, managed by OPCOM, it was not sold even one green certificate, which is unique situation in the European Union.

According to OPCOM, on July 16th, there were 98 offers for sale and no offers to purchase green certificates.

The first time when was not realized shopping on the centralized market for green certificates, May 14th, 2015th, the number of bids was 111. A similar situation occurred on June 16th and 91 offer, zero transactions.

After the third session without transactions, an producers organization of renewable energy PATRES, once again drew attention to the very serious situation: “Lack of trading green certificates on the centralized market in the long term, should be a warning to the authorities and all stakeholders to identify the level of market share of certified green energy, that would be sustainable also for the end customer, but also for green energy producers, which rapidly approach bankruptcy”.

They point out that their fears, unfortunately, were justified: the market for green certificates is in total collapse due to the reduction of compulsory annual quotas for electricity produced from renewable sources.

Moreover, ANRE has set quotas for 2016th within the system of promotion at 12.5%, compared to 17% as initially foreseen. Maintaining a very low rate for the third year in a row represents a huge blow to producers of renewable energy, according to representatives of the five associations – RWEA, PATRES, RPIA, ARBIO and ARmHE.

Energy producers from renewable sources, especially small and medium, are faced with a critical situation, burdened with paying new taxes, such as the new limit set at 5 MW instead of 10 MW; provision of green certificates for additional quantities supplied electricity; tax on special construction; tax on riverbeds.

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