Romania: The country pays the lowest price for Russian gas

, SEE Energy News

The price paid by Romania for the imported Russian natural gas in the first quarter of the year was the lowest in Europe, lower than the prices on the local markets and in Europe, according to the European Commission report. Only the gas delivered from Azerbaijan to Bulgaria was cheaper.

Traditionally, Romania used to pay the highest prices in Europe for Russian gas imports. But according to the European Commission, the cost of Russian gas imported by Romania in the first quarter was 13.5 euros/MWh, which is significantly less than Russian gas sold on any other market calculated on the same methodology (compared to 16.5 euros/MWh in Bulgaria and 17.5 euros/MWh in Hungary).

Also, the price of Russian gas imported to Romania had the lowest price compared to all gas sources in all European markets, except for the gas sold by Azerbaijan to Bulgaria.