Romania: The energy strategy 2035 influenced by IMF, WB & EU

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Romania’s energy strategy could be adopted in September or October, but should be accompanied by industrialization strategy, said Energy Minister Andrei Gere.

“If we talk about energy consumption, we need to know what can be developed – metallurgy, automobile industry, agriculture, and so on. We need to know where and how we consume power generation”, said Gere.

The question of strategy is associated with Romania’s relations with the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and the European Commission, said Gere.

Former Minister Nicolescu introduced a part of the future energy strategy late last year. In accordance with the document prepared by the Ministry of Energy, new goals are supply security, maintaining acceptable energy prices for end consumers and the environment protection. Investments in the sector should amount to 100 billion EUR by 2035th.

“In order to attract new investments in the energy sector, Romania has to ensure the existence of a stable market, predictability and transparency of public policy, and the removal of barriers to attracting potential investors”, according to a Draft strategy which came in a public hearing in December.

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