Romania: The restructuring of the energy complex Hunedoara and Oltenia will impact on the national electricity market

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According to the President of the Council for the Protection of Competition Bogdan Chiritoiu, the implementation of restructuring plans in companies Hunedoara and Oltenia will affect the Romanian electricity market this year, the planned measures are in agreement with the international financial institutions.

“As for energy, the most important objective is state aid. As part of the assistance from international institutions, we are trying to solve problems with Hunedoara energy complex and probably they can be used for energy complex Oltenia”, said Chiritoiu.

The President of the Competition Council said that probably in the next few months would be see how much it would be a dramatic restructuring of the two above-mentioned companies for the energy production. However, he added that the reduction in capacity implemented in companies involved in the plan of restructuring, would affect the entire electricity market.

According to Chiritoiu, the report for the energy market prepared by the Council for the Protection of Competition will be ready in a few weeks.