Romania, The spot price is approaching this year’s record of 540 euros per MWh

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On Monday, Romania recorded the highest average daily spot price of electricity in all of Europe – 2,604 leva (528 euros) per MWh, which is almost three times higher than in Spain or Portugal and over 200 euros above the German price.

The Romanian spot price came close to the historical record achieved on March 8 this year – 541 euros per MWh.

On Monday, July 25, in the interval from 19:00 to 20:00, the price for one MWh reached 3,799 leva (770 euros), which represents this year’s record when it comes to the hourly price.

The average price of electricity traded on the day-ahead market in June was BGN 1,138 (EUR 230.5) per MWh, which is 13% more compared to the previous month. The trade volume of 2.15 TWh covered 52.09% of Romanian national consumption.

The day-ahead market, managed by OPCOM, is the most important energy market in Romania. In the DAM market, suppliers buy electricity for end consumers for next-day delivery.

The DAM price on Monday of BGN 2.6 (EUR 0.53) per kWh is almost eight times higher than the price invoiced by suppliers to households with consumption between 100 and 300 kWh (excluding taxes, distribution and transmission tariffs, green certificates and fees for cogeneration).


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