Romania to cut support to renewable energy

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Romanian energy market regulator ANRE, has announced on Friday, that Romanian government will cut its support for renewable energy, in particular for wind, solar and small hydro renewable energy projects. Romania’s support scheme gives renewable power producers green certificates for each megawatt produced. Providers must get a rising percentage of the power they sell from renewable energy and buy certificates to meet these goals.

ANRE suggests cutting the number of certificates to 1.5 from 2 per megawatt for new wind- power capacities, to 3 from 6 for photovoltaic projects and to 2.3 from 3 for small hydro power plants, with changes that will be applied to new projects. According to some analysts and to the European Commission, Romania’s subsidies were too generous. According to Romanian Energy Minister, Constantin Nita, earlier in March, the government also considered to cut the upper range of the price that renewables producers get for certificates. Other member states of the European Union, such as Germany, Britain and Spain have also cut or intend to reduce incentives for renewable energy after years of strong government support.