Romania, TPP Paroseni to continue to operate after 2032

, SEE Energy News

Special administrator of insolvent coal-based electricity producer Energy Complex (EC) Hunedoara Cristian Rosu said that TPP Paroseni will continue to operate even after 2032, and the construction of a new gas-fired units is also under discussion.

Rosu stressed that the closure of coal-fired TPP Paroseni was never discussed with the Ministry of Energy. On the contrary, there was discussion about the continuation of the activity after 2032 by building new gas-fired units that will be operated in parallel to coal-fired ones.

According to him, the new gas-fired units at TPP Paroseni will be built before 2032.

Regarding the formation of the new company – Energy Complex Jiu Valley, which will include EC Hunedoara’s assets without coal-fired TPP Mintia, Rosu said that he hopes it will be established in the first quarter of 2023.

Currently, TPP Paroseni operates two days a week using coal excavated at the mines operated by EC Hunedoara.