Romania, Transelectrica and Moldelectrica signed agreement on cross- border electricity exchange

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Electricity transmission system operator of Romania and Moldova – Transelectrica and Moldelectrica have signed an agreement that will allow the allocation of capacity for commercial exchanges of electricity on the interconnection between the two countries.

Through the sustained collaboration of the two operators, with a view to a common agreement that will materialize through the allocation of interconnection capacity, there will be a dynamic flow of electricity transactions between the participants in the energy markets of the two countries.

Commercial exchanges of electricity with Moldova will begin immediately after the completion of the entire process involving the harmonization of technical details and commercial aspects, which is expected in October this year.

The successful realization of the electricity commercialization process on the interconnection between Romania and Moldova represents a commitment of support between the two transmission system operators and contributes to the development and proper functioning of the energy market at the European level.

On 16 March 2022, electricity systems of Ukraine Moldova were successfully synchronized with the European electricity system.