Romania: Transelectrica gets Gov approval for electricity exports ban

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Romanian Government has created legislative framework allowing electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica to introduce restrictions on electricity exports and to gradually limit electricity consumption.

These measures were adopted after an analysis that included weather forecasts for the next period and the evolution of the fuel stocks, as well as notice from Transelectrica on imminent crisis in the functioning of the national energy system.

The measures include: switching the power stations to alternative fuel (fuel oil) for safe operation of both electricity and natural gas transmission systems; the reduction/cancellation of the available interconnection capacity in the export direction, which will not affect previous trade agreements, but would prevent any additional exports; reduction/cancellation of the exchanges in the export direction and finally gradually limiting electricity consumption, which will only apply for industrial consumers, by restricting consumption to technological minimum.

Minister of Energy Florian-Toma Petcu explained that the adopted decision can be understood as the need for a legal framework to which to appeal only when the population and the system integrity could be in danger. Adopting this decision does not mean that it will be immediately implemented, but it would be used as an alternative plan if the situation requires it.