Romania, Transelectrica projects for PV plants and batteries proposed for EU grant of 32 million euros

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One of the Romanian projects proposed as part of the European REPowerEU plan refers to the installation of photovoltaic solar panels and energy storage facilities at 30 out of a total of 81 substations owned by Transelectrica, in order to cover its own consumption. The projects should be completed by mid-2026.

Photovoltaic power plants and electricity storage facilities intended to cover internal services should be installed in Transelectrica’s substations. An initial allocation of 32.17 million euros is planned for these projects.

This is one of the projects proposed by the Ministry of European Funds (MIPE) through the REPowerEU scheme – the European mechanism for stimulating the production of energy from renewable sources, through which a budget of 1.4 billion euros has been determined for Romania.

MIPE submitted a list of projects for public discussion last week, and one of the proposed projects is this transmission and system operator project.

Basically, it is Transelectrica’s intention to install small photovoltaic plants and storage facilities in 30 substations. The installed power of solar panels will be 11.4 MW and the energy storage capacity will be 19.1 MWh (5 MW power).

These installations will exclusively supply the substations of Transelectrica, without handing over to the system, providing a significant percentage of the required electricity.

These energy production and storage capacities do not violate the EU unbundling regulation, as the system operator will not sell electricity on the market, according to the notified MIPE.

The investment will be realized by the end of the second quarter of 2026, according to MIPE.

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