Romania: Transelectrica signes 29MEUR contract with Romelectro for high voltage station modernization

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The electricity transmission company Transelectrica and Romelectro signed a contract worth 29.38 million euros, excluding VAT, for upgrading of Bradu substation, an important junction that connects the networks of Muntenia and Oltenia with Transylvania.

Transelectrica estimates that operations will be completed during 2018.

Bradu has four voltage levels, respectively 400/220/110/20 kV and was put into operation in several stages over the period 1974-1980, i.e. the 220/110 kV station in 1974, the 400/220 kV station in 1976, and afterwards extended in 1980.

The project consists of the complete renovation of the station, including primary and secondary equipment.

Romelectro, based in Bucharest, is a company specialized in providing services to the energy industry. It is controlled by several individuals, and the largest block of shares belongs to the businessman Viorel Gafita, who is also the president and general manager.