Romania: TSO co Transelectrica to finance cross border transmission connections with neighbouring countries

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Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) approved the Transeletrica TSO company development plan of the transmission grid for 10 years development, total investment planned at 5.3 billion which provides further systems interconnection projects Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria, and the acceleration of between Romania and Moldova.

The Development Plan for the period 2014-2023 RET has been established, ‘s priority for investment, increase interconnection capacity which envisages continued interconnection projects with neighboring systems already in various stages of implementation (with Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria) and acceleration / introducing new projects (Republic of Moldova).

The plan also aims at strengthening and development of the transmission (lines / stations us) to increase the output of the energy produced in new facilities developed in recent years in certain geographic areas (eg, nuclear energy and that produced from renewable energy in Dobrogea) to consumption areas in northern and western country and completion of 400 kV ring around the country to increase food safety in all areas of Romania and to increase transit capacity of the transport network.
Finally the authorities approved to modernize equipment in complete installations to replace the 60s and 70s equipment, to increase network reliability, reducing operating costs and ensuring adequate safety in operation.

ANRE also declared projects of common interest European (EU relevant projects whose implementation / achievement will contribute significantly to achieving energy and environmental policy at EU level) have priority status, thus entering into a strict monitoring.
Planned total investment horizon grid development plan is estimated at 5.3 billion and does not include investments grid connection of new users, financing these investments is provided by connection fee paid by the user connected.

Company will use an appropriate and balanced mix to finance planned investments, with consideration of all options and tools provided so market financial and grant programs operated by the European Union, “the Transelectrica said stating that pursue several objectives in this regard.

One of them is to maximize the funds raised through grant programs operated in the EU, according to eligibility of investment projects and the other relates to maintaining adequate credit profile, both in terms of financial position and ability to cover payment commitments by lenders, and in terms of liquidity profile that supports or improve the company’s current credit rating.

Transelectrica as transmission system operator of the Romanian National Power System (NPS) has a legal obligation to produce every two years, investment plans and development of RET in 10 years. The company draws up the plans in accordance with current state and future evolution of energy consumption and sources, including imports and exports.

According to European legislation, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) organization established to foster cooperation transmission system operators European elaborate network development plan 10 years at Community level in order to achieve a shared vision on the development of European infrastructure for electricity transmission.

Community plan is based on regional plans and national electricity transmission network development. The development of the grid for 10 years developed and approved by ANRE Transelectrica help establish investment necessary to meet technical requirements set by the interconnected operation of NPS with ENTSO-E network also informs the release.