Romania: Units 3,4 at NPP Cernavoda, HPP Tarnita-Lapustesti, new TPP Rovinari units to be included in Energy Strategy

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Romanian Minister of Energy Anton Anton said that the new Energy Strategy would define the major energy investment objectives, such as units 3 and 4 at nuclear power plant Cernavoda, hydropower plant Tarnita-Lapustesti project and the construction of new units at thermal power plant Rovinari.

Minister Anton reminded that the strategy covers the 2017-2030 period, with a view to 2050, which draft was developed in 2016 and now it is undergoing the process of updating and finalization. The vision of a new strategy is to increase the energy sector in terms of sustainability. And the growth of the energy sector means building new capacities and upgrading existing capacities in terms of energy production, transmission and distribution. It also means encouraging and increasing domestic consumption and energy exports.

According to him, experts from the Ministry and several energy companies and other state institutions are working on updating and finalizing the current draft. The completion of the energy strategy is an urgent matter and the Ministry wants to accelerate the process as much as possible.