Romania: Universal supply customers to benefit from best offers

, SEE Energy News

Residential customers who have not changed the contract will benefit from the best price from the competitive offer of their current suppliers and will be able to opt for a new offer within a much simplified contracting process, according to a statement from the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE).

Also, at least until 30 June 2021, residential customers will receive from the current supplier the best offer, without subscription, and will be able to benefit from a commercial discount to cover the difference between the price in the universal service offer applicable in the first half of 2021 and the price in the competitive offer with the lowest value. At the same time, ANRE simplified the contracting and information process regarding the offers of the electricity suppliers, so that the final customer can make an informed decision about the offer that best suits his own needs.

Also, there are additional obligations for suppliers of last resort to inform residential customers with each invoice issued until 30 June 2021, an information on the liberalization process and an offer selection form. The offer selection form contains the competitive offer with the lowest value, an alternative competitive offer and the universal service offer, offers applicable in the first semester of 2021, as well as the value of the commercial discount granted and the application period.