Romania, Volume at OPCOM DAM 2.05 TWh in January

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The total volume of trade on the Romanian day-ahead electricity market OPCOM DAM in January 2023 was 2.051 million MWh, which is 21.7 percent less compared to the same month of the previous year (2.62 million MWh in January 2022). according to the monthly report of the stock exchange operator.

Compared to December 2022, the volume decreased by only 1 percent in January. The average trade volume was 2,757 MWh per hour.

The share of DAM in the predicted net national consumption was 44.6 percent, which is 11 percent less than in January last year.

The average price for base load at DAM in January was 136.19 euros per MWh, which is 29 percent less compared to the same month last year (192 euros per MWh). On a monthly basis, the price was reduced by 45 percent, from 247.8 euros per MWh in December.

The value of transactions on OPCOM DAM in January decreased on an annual basis by 44.4 percent, to 288.3 million euros.

The average weighted price on the intraday market, OPCOM IDM, was 147.17 euros per MWh in January, which is 48 percent less than in December 2022. The volume of trading on IDM decreased by 10 percent, to 97,943 MWh (from 88,734 MWh in December), according to the January OPCOM report.

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