Romania: Wind accounted for 27 % of electricity production on 23 January

, SEE Energy News

According to data published by electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica, wind farms were accounted for a quarter of the national electricity production in the morning hours of Thursday, 23 January.
At 11:00 wind farms produced a total of 2,523 MW or 27.23 % of total electricity production at that time. Wind was followed by gas-fired thermal power plants with 20 %, coal-fired thermal power plants with 15.9 %, nuclear power plant Cernavoda with 15.2 %, solar power with 5 % and biomass power plants with 0.7 %.
At the same time, national electricity consumption was 8,786 MW, electricity production amounted to 9,351 MW and the difference of 529 MW was exported.

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