Romania:CEZ files to EC 66MEUR loss claim against new Romania RES green certificates policy

2. September 2013. / SEE Energy News

Energy giant CEZ, the biggest investor in the area of renewable energy sources in Romania, submitted appeal to the European Commission related to the Romania decision to delay green certificates providing, which could cost Czech company even of 66 MEUR per year.

In the June, Romanian Government brought decision to delay providing of some green certificates for each MWh produced from new hydro power plant with energy smaller or equal to 10 MW (one green certificate), for wind power plants (one green certificate), that is for solar power plants (two green certificates). Getting of green certificates will begin on 1st April 2017. for hydroelectric and solar power plants, that is on 1st January 2018. for wind power plant. Issuance of green certificates will be done in rates, at latest until 31st December 2020.

CEZ, which manages in Romania by the largest wind park in Europe, said that the rules changes were confronted retroactively to the main principles of the European Union.

Thus, the current green certificates value which belong to the CEZ company, together with these changes, which represent one of the annual company incomes – even of 66 MEUR, according to the CEZ calculating- will be delayed until 2018 -2020.

By then, green certificates value could be decreased, and Romania could continue to change whole supporting scheme claims in CEZ.

“In this moment, it is impossible to quantify possible losses, because we did not lose any of the agreed certificates, but they only were delayed for the period of 2018 -2020″, said CEZ in one press release. “These measures are opposite to the main principles of the European Union”, added Czech company.

The European Commission announced that followed situation in Romania and investigated similar appeals regarding legislative changes in other companies from the area of renewable energy sources in Romania.

“One number of the reclamations of some actual or future consumers was also considered”, said Merlen Holzner, company representative.

“In the autumn the Commission will represent more widely directions or Government supporting scheme for renewable energy sources”, said Holzner.

Also other European states as Germany, Great Britain and Spain plan to reduce or already reduced subventions for renewable energy sources, after years of this kind supporting.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/ANRO Ro/CEZ

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