Romanian Hidroelectrica: Refurbishment of HPP Stejaru’s unit 6 finished

, SEE Energy News

Hidroelectrica, Romanian electricity producer, has completed the refurbishment of unit 6 of hydropower plant Stejaru. With the completion of refurbishment works it increased its power output from 50 to 55 MW. The tests performed certify that the unit operates at the designed parameters, but performance tests will continue throughout the year 2020, in parallel with the commercial operation.
The 75 million euros contract for HPP Stejaru refurbishment was signed in 2015 with a consortium consisting of Romelectro and Slovenian Litostroj. The EPC contract included the refurbishment of all the plant’s units.
HPP Stejaru is the main power plant in the hydroelectric system on the Bistrita river. The plant has six Francis-type units put into operation between 1960-1962, with an installed power of 210 MW (4x 27.5 MW and 2×50 MW). The average annual electricity production is 434.5 GWh.