RSrpska: HPP Visegrad stable kwh production and profit income

28. March 2013. / SEE Energy News

HPP “Visegrad” achieved 3,96 million KM income last year despite emphasized hydrological oscillation and little decreased scope of achieved production- Director Mile Lakic said.

He stated that this company produced 857,84 GWH of electricity which is 20% more than production in 2011.

“We’ve done business with total income of more than 22,5 million KM in the last four years, what shows that this period is most successful since “Visegrad” is working”, Lakic stated for “Pres RS”.

The production plan for this year amounts 909 GWH of electricity and it is really achievable, according to Lakic.
“Achieved production concluded with March this year amounts 310 GWH which makes transfer of ongoing annual plan for 29%. We provided meaningful supplies in production and we can be optimistic about transferring a plan in 2013”, Lakic said.

He stressed that the biggest scope of investments in previous work of HPP in period until 2015 are estimated to 123,6 million KM.
HPP “Visegrad” had officially started to work in 1989 and it has produced 20.986 GHW since then.

“Annual record was achieved in 2010 when the biggest business income of 10,97 million KM was made”, Lakic underlined.

Source Serbia Energy SEE desk/Agencies

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