Russian-Serbian trade corp company records 100MEUR profit on gas trading in Serbia, gas imports and trade to big consumers

8. May 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Russian – Serbian Trade Corporation (RST), the company that was among the biggest according to the business incomes in Serbia last year, is a gas supplier of many domestic companies that use this kind of energy.

Published financial reports about business of domestic companies in last year, which put not so famous RST Corporation from Novi Sad at the sixth place according to dimensions in Vojvodina, have surprised domestic publication. This is the company with four employees that achieved the pure profit bigger than one billion dinars in the last year.

Returning to these data, Director of Srbijagas, Dusan Bajatovic, stated that RST Corporation is gas supplier to many consumers.

-RST Corporation is not intercessor in gas import but act as supplier like Jugorosgas and it deals with gas import for big consumers that are using it as a raw material- Bajatovic stated. He added that the price of gas for these buyers is more profitable to them because it is commodity payment.

-Positive effects are around 140 million dollars- Bajatovic said and added that the part of this gas is placed underground warehouse in Banatski Dvor.

RST Corporation, registered on unspecialized wholesale, had 29 million dinars’ business incomes in 2012 and it made a pure profit of more than a billion dinars. This placed it really high on the list of most successful and big domestic companies. Previously, this company had had incomes of 9 billion and 153 million dinars of net income. It was the 87th firm in Serbia and 24th in Vojvodina at that moment, according to height of business incomes. RST Corporation is in ownership of companies “A Energy Holding SA” and “Metanolsko-sircetni kompleks” from Kikinda. However, it is familiar that gas contracts of these two companies have never been published.

The fact that “Metalonsko-sircetni kompleks” is in the mayor property of Srbijagas is confusing (almost 72% of the share capital while almost 25% is still owned by Serbia). State is the mayor owner in “Azotara” also with participation of 68%.

Source;Serbia Energy/Dnevnik

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