RWE Innogi & EPS Moravske hydro power plants, what can we expect from RWE Serbia

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According to RWE Innogi hydro power projects director Dr.Olaf Heil, the preparation for 5 hydro power plants are ongoing. First steps are completed, geological survey is in progress and detail planing as well, it was stated in EPS magazine.

Joint venture company of RWE Innogi and Serbian EPS “Moravske hidroelektrane” is founded. The joint venture project will develop and construct as planed five new hydro power plans with total net output power of 150MW and projected annual production of 640 million kwh.

Value of the investment is 350 mil euros. The developers will need year and half only for permits and licenses procedures, as well as for detail planing. The start of construction of first hydro power plant is expected in 2014/2015 and first kwh could be produced in 2017/2018.

Dr.Heil underlined that RWE is very satisfied with cooperation with EPS and that is interested also in other green projects like geothermal and biomass projects.

The construction of reversible Djerdap 3 big hydro power plant has excellent potentials and its under review and analysis. RWE also sees the perspective cooperation with Republika Srpska energy sector company. RWE is one of the bidders for Gornja Drina hydro projects and so far everything is going within the plan, we expect to get the permit and to continue cooperation with our partners there, stated Dr.Heil. He added that the candidate status will surely bring Serbia certain stability image in eyes and plans of investors.

German RWE will open also a representative office in Serbia which will assess all other options and potentials of Serbian energy sector, stated Mr.Milan Zuban the representative manager to EPS magazine Kwh.

RWE vs Serbia

We surely expect that the entrance of such an important energy giant in Serbia will bring not only new and