Sanation of the landslide consequences in the village Junkovac, at the edge of the field D, Inhabitants are worried, production of coal is not endangered

26. July 2013. / Mining

Thanks to the fast reaction of the competent services and management of MB “Kolubara”, unforeseen circumstances did not have any impact on the operation of the OPMs. Expropriation of the eleven most endangered households is going to be performed according to the shortened procedure.

Expert services of the MB “Kolubara” and City Institute for expert analysis from Belgrade performed listing of eleven households in the village Junkovac, that are nearest to the  landslide activated at the northern part of the OPM “Field D” at the end of May. Its consent to the Protocolsthe owners of the households gave on June 16th, that enabled  services in charge of the Institute to start the activities on estimation of the real estate value. If the owners agree with it, the next step would be the complete real estate reimbursement  to be paid out. In the case that they do not agree, the advance payment would be paid out to them in the amount of 50% of the preliminary estimation, and the rest of the funds would be paid after the legal procedure is over.

In the meantime, temporary housing in Vreoci was offered to all the families, in the buildings that were earlier resettled in the process of expropriation and are now owned by “Kolubara”. This offer was accepted by only one family, while the other provided housing by themselves.

Along with the formal and legal activities, works on landslide sanation were conducted, among which one of the most complex is the relocation of the substation with the complete equipment as well as providing alternative power supply for the Fields “B” and “D”, and buildings in the villages Junkovac and Medoševac. Unforeseen circumstances did not influence at all regular coal production in MB “Kolubara”.

Otherwise, to the inside dump site of the Field “D” that was activated on May 25th, different types of overburden, water bearing clay,sand, fertile soil and other materials, were disposed for two decades. Despite of strict respecting of the technological disposal rules, as the experts explain, because of the undefined inflow and lack of possibility to control the ground and surface waters flow, the possibility for potential unforeseen moving of the overburden is created, which sometimes happens and that actually happened in Junkovac. The efficient and fast reaction of the competent authorities in this case meant expertise and knowledge as well as engagement of all available machinery. The representatives of the management are engaged, together with expert services of the MB “Kolubara”, technical staff and the OHS department.

Mr. Milorad Grčić,the director of MB “Kolubara”, visited the site many times and held the conference for media on the topic. He pointed out that MB “Kolubara”, as the largest Company within the “EPS” and as socially responsible Company, solves actively the problems it is facing.On the occasion he announced the steps that followed, among which are the proclamation of emergency on the territory of the municipality of Lazarevac, that came into force on June 7th after the meeting with the Crisis committee of the Public Municipality of Lazarevac that was formed for the purpose. This decision opened the possibility for MB “Kolubara” of speeding up the procedure of the endangered households expropriation, as well as payment of the money compensation to the owners that are resettled.

– We resolutely reacted and started to efficiently look for long term solution, both for the inhabitants and the Company itself. The inhabitants will not be left alone. This problem exists since 2009 and now we are making the first real steps towards finding the efficient solution for the endangered inhabitants – said Mr.Grčić.

Near the landslide area there are in total 37 households. All of them are listed in the resettlement plan, because in that area,outside dump should be formed for the OPMs  Field “D” and Field “B”. For 11 of the most vulnerable households all the activities are speed ed up and are going to be conducted as soon as possible. Other facilities, that are out of the landslide area, in accordance with the request of the inhabitants of the Local Community of Junkovac, the commission of MB “Kolubara” is going to review and it is going to determine whether the existing damages are caused by the impact of the production process at the OPM. These households as well are going to be enumerated and resettled within the envisaged deadlines.That shows how high level of cooperative responsibility MB “Kolubara” achieved in solving the events in emergency situations.



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